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STORY UNIT PIONEER EVENTS BRIMOB - puller , Muko - Muko , MID 1960 " According to interviews with former members of Company A Brimob Rangers . May 2008 " Brimob Aceh events in the battle between the two platoons of Brimob troops from Company A Wahadi Ketut Aiptu leaders Rangers with a battalion of rebel PRRI / Permesta . As we know , appeared in 1958 PRRI / Permesta with center in Pekanbaru and Padang are driven by some mid-ranking officers of the Army in Sumatra . The core of this rebellion is dissatisfaction with the policy of the central government in Jakarta . Large -scale rebellion was successfully quelled by surgery and Operation Resolute August 17 . At the end of 1958 , all major cities in Sumatra , Padang and Pekanbaru both have returned to the bosom of the Republic of Indonesia , in addition to the many of the rebel forces who surrender . However, until 1961, a lot of the rest of the rebel forces PRRI . One of these battalions led a guerrilla Nawawi Lieutenant Colonel in the interior forests of Sumatra . This battalion armed with weapons assistance from the United States in early 1958. Infantry soldiers Sumatra all holding guns Garrand M1 , M1 carbine ( Jungle Fold ) , Thompson otomotatis weapons , heavy weapons mortars 60 mm and 80 mm . 2 platoons from A Brimob Rangers landed in the coastal region Ipoh in May 1960 with the landing craft hull belongs Polairud with code 801 . Standards such as the landing of amphibious operations , beginning with the landing of 12.7 machine gun fire from the boat landing to ensure no insurgents who controlled the coast . After the shooting is done , the new one company of Brimob Rangers landed safely . Brimob Rangers Company A was sent to Sumatra, Bengkulu Brimob to back up the previous few weeks battalion massacred by Nawawi . Bengkulu is one Brimob battalion suffered enormous casualties as a surprise attack ( raid ) of the rebel PRRI . Bengkulu Brimob headquarters is already waving the white flag in surrender and in the headquarters only a few remaining members who survived the surprise attack . After landing Rangers 2 Brimob company to consolidate on the beach and directly pursue rebel gangs located in Ipoh district . They were later joined by a battalion of the Army under the command of Lt. Col. Dani Pekanbaru Effendi . By Lt. Col. Dani Danyon Effendi , Brimob Rangers functioned as a reconnaissance platoon with a distance of 5 kilometers in front of the Infantry Battalion . Login borders South Sumatra , platoon 1 Battalion met with the company last Ahmad Lubis , and the first skirmishes . Surprisingly , the position of platoon 1 instead pursue a rebel company . By the time the day before the evening , there was a shout from the rebel forces " meal break .... !" . Very strange , exciting clash when the enemy calls for a break . This request followed by Danton 1 Brimob Rangers as the two forces blocked the river so difficult to cross , in addition to the troops needed a break after almost a day of moving while continuing to gunfire . In the end , in the region of 1 to platoon Puller , Muko - Muko ( currently a transmigration area ) . At 17.00 pm , Police Agent Ristoyo hear a rooster crowing in the middle of the forest . This is strange because usually the sound is partridge . After the report on Danton , two soldiers from the platoon 1 Rangers crept toward the sound , turns Kompi battalion staff and several other companies of rebels are resting . Opponents rest estimated at 300 people , they were waiting to cross the river . 1 platoon immediately took the attack position . At that time ( 1960 ) Brimob Rangers M1 carbine weapons (jungle riffle ) , a sub - machine gun and bren Carl Gustav MK3 . Armament and troop positions prepared by Danton as possible . Then , Danton gave the command , shoot ....! Then whiz of bullets scattered rifle platoon 1 . At first magazine shot , they still aim properly in accordance with the theory . But in the second and subsequent shooting magasin reaction is mostly done , as fighting at close range , but it was night so the enemy position can only be known from the sound of their return fire . At the beginning of the battle position , the distance between the enemy troops with 1 Brimob Rangers platoon of about 300 meters , but what happens then is close combat . The distance between the Rangers and Brimob troops enemy only about 5-6 meters . Battle that happened without any defensive line . Reply from the enemy with small arms range is very great , but it seems they 've fallen mental battle because many officers were killed . Finally after 1.5 hours , the battle was over and the enemy retreated . 1 platoon of troops did not pursue because of fatigue . After setting the shift , 1 platoon members sleep in the previous location into a battleground . The next morning , members of the platoon 1 count the number of victims and the weapons left . There are about 60 dead bodies of enemy troops and there were about 10 officers killed . Are dozens of weapons left M1 Garrand ( in the early 60's is considered very sophisticated weapons ) , mortars and bazookas . The members of the Brimob platoon 1 Rangers relief , because the enemy does not have time to use these weapons . If the weapon used could be another story . Police agents Kartimin , was shocked over the place he slept overnight near the bodies of the rebels . In this battle no one Brimob soldiers Rangers who become victims .
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