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Indonesia will have military Special Operations Command

One step on operationalization of strategic and military doctrine through the middle pioneered the establishment of the Special Operations Command discourse TNI ( Indonesian Special Operations Command ) , which is dedicated to very specific tasks , especially the prevention and control of terrorism .
" The concept is being developed , despite the fact that a joint operation involving the third dimension of the military 's elite forces have repeatedly held , " said Defense Minister , Purnomo Yusgiantoro , at TNI Peace Mission Training Centre , Sentul , West Java , on Tuesday .
Special Operations Command military presence than ever , because of the nature of the threat and the level of military operations command purposes is on the rise . Quantity , quality , and complexity of terrorist networks inside and outside the country is increasing.
In organizational structure , the new military command 's operations will be directly under TNI commander . For early times , an internal review by the TNI claimed Army Special Forces Command of the army into the helm .
Actually , in addition to the Corps of the Red Berets , there are a few more special forces in the military environment is capable of intelligence , counterintelligence, battle tridimensional ( action at sea , air , and land ) , and others.
They are Jalamangkara Detachment Marine Corps Navy , Navy Command Frogs , and B90 Detachment Bravo Air Force Special Forces Corps . There's more - not level operational command - Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion, Marine Corps Navy , which functions much like a U.S. Marine Scouts in the United States Marine Corps .
Strengths , capabilities , and doctrine of all special forces military that will be " melted " in the Special Operations Command and the military without losing the identity of the early doctrine of troops . There are several models of organization and mobilization that can be followed .
" But the military will follow the model of Singapore . Organization is small but complete elements . In peacetime , the elements back to the parent unit ; integrated directly when needed , " said the commander of the Army Special Forces , Maj. Gen. Agus Sutomo .
Yusgiantoro attendance at the training center in order to ensure the smooth running of the Joint Anti-Terror Exercise ASEAN Plus , on September 9 to 13 later . Special forces join 10 ASEAN countries , plus partners from the United States , New Zealand , Japan , South Korea , India , Russia , China , and Australia .
Exercise combined forces elite 18 is the first country in the world carried out , the results of the Defense Ministers Meeting ASEAN in Hanoi , Viet Nahm , in 2010 .
There are five areas of cooperation are implemented , in which Indonesia and the United States was asked to become chairman of the joint field training and information exchange anti- terror military forces .
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