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Traffic Police City

Ditlantas Jakarta Police Raids Holds Public Transport Directorate of Traffic Police City Police began yesterday, Wednesday, August 28, has held a raid on public transport. Raids carried out because of frequent accidents due to inadequate transport conditions as well as the incompleteness of vehicle documents. Sanctions will be grounded for the transport conditions are poor. Kasubdit Gakkum Dirlantas Jakarta Police, Commissioner Hindarsono said the operation was held to minimize the rampant accidents involving public transport. "Later, we will immediately kandangkan when public transportation is not feasible and the letters incomplete vehicle, including the driver who does not have a driver's license," said Commissioner Hindarsono. "We see a lot of entrepreneurs who do not care about public transit passenger safety, on the basis of it was we did this operation," he continued. During this time, he also found many violations ranging from driver who does not have a driver's license, no lights and many safety factors are ignored. "Yesterday we follow with a speeding ticket, but many are not deterrent and continue to operate with the freight. So, this time in the form of affirmative action vehicle arrests will be made, "he said. In addition, the Commissioner said Hindarsono, it will involve plainclothes officers to conduct the survey of driver behavior during the carrying vehicle. According to him, the plainclothes officers will pretend to be a passenger then record any dangerous maneuvers and completeness kendarannya. "Later on that note we will report to other agencies for further action done," he said
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