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Peace Making

In July 2013, the United Nations has estimated the number of victims of the Syrian conflict has reached more than 100,000 people. Of 100,000 people, 3,500 of whom are children who have been displaced and separated from their families. Conflict Conditions worsened after the increase in casualties due to the use of chemical weapons. This is totally unacceptable. Indonesian stance clear, the violence must be stopped. The UN and the countries neighborhood Syria must seriously undertake efforts to stop the violence. The UN Security Council and the Arab League should stop the fighting between the parties and the use of chemical weapons in this week. If it can not be done, then Syria would be on the verge of the great tragedies that can destroy civilization. Indeed, attention to conflict resolution has been raised since the President last year, and even international media published. In the article, the President has urged the UN to take action cessation of conflict (Peace Making) and prevention of human tragedy for the creation of peace.
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