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FIRM IN WORK, GET FUDIN FARID BRIPKA APPRECIATION. Farid Bripka Fudin menilang shove a Ferrari car busway lane in Permata Hijau, South Jakarta. Police Korlantas head IRJEN Pol Drs. Puji Hartanto also paid tribute to members of the Metro Jaya Regional Police Traffic said. Appreciation was given to Farid Fudin mengapresiasi Bripka the performance of affirmative action in the work done. Farid Bripka Fudin strictly enforce the law on traffic violators indiscriminately. In other places, sub-directorate Head of Construction and Law Enforcement Metro Jaya Regional Police Ditlantas AKBP Hindarsono remind all its members to place firmly against anyone who violates traffic rules. Because there is no any reason to bust motorist busway lane. But policy will give freedom to the rider who was being escorted the sick, would produce and others.
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