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Apache AH-64E Block III RI Will Arrive From October 2014 ..! "Arms sales agreements defense officials said the United States (U.S.) in Jakarta, Monday (26/8)." We are currently elaborating delivery and training time from now ". Tuesday, 27-08-2013 ... The Ministry of Defence confirmed the purchase of eight Apache attack helicopters AH-64E running smoothly. The Ministry also assured that the purchase of attack helicopters is no intervention from the seller's country, the United States, in its use later. "No, we buy defense equipment policy should not be a requirement pendektean use," said Deputy Secretary of Defense, Sjafrie told reporters when met after receiving the U.S. Defence Secretary, Charles Hagel, in Jakarta, Monday, August 26, 2013. Similarly, recognition of Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro. According to him, the note purchase agreement he signed no compulsion United States in the use of Apache. He also promised no material contracts that are similar in detail will be arranged as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Purnomo declined to disclose the contents of a contract clause that will be submitted Indonesia. "What is clear is that there is a clause in the contract of payment and delivery." In addition, Purnomo also called Apache attack helicopter purchase a package with pilot training. A number of Army helicopter pilots will be sent to the U.S. to attend a series of training to fly Apache. In this purchase, he continues, Indonesia will also receive a number of weapons that can be attached to Apache. "Detailed weapon that the Army knew," said Purnomo. Regarding the amount of the purchase price of eight Apache helicopters, both Purnomo and Sjafrie shut up. Deputy Minister Sjafrie purchase just calls using state money through lending mechanisms. "Later effective delivery process in October 2014," said Sjafrie.
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