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Pilu Story Former Freedom Fighters

Pilu Story Former Freedom Fighters
As a former fighter who fought against the invaders, not necessarily life after independence the better.
Former freedom fighter in Demak, Central Java must live simply, because the salary is not easy to take care of retired veterans. In addition to requiring a long time too great expense to sell the house to get the annuity.
Fingerprint is a former freedom fighter who joined the army national student, entered ninety years. Villagers Brumbung, District Mranggen has dementia and is often out of the house alone, not infrequently he also brought sharp weapons so dangerous to himself and others.
Grandpa dozen grandchildren and five children also difficult to communicate, in addition to the hearing has been reduced, the memories of the struggle so closely in his memory. Almost all types of questions are always answered with the story of tenacity to fight freedom fighters.
Battle five days in Semarang is the most memorable event, as many of his comrades were killed, was lucky when he along with several other fighters escaped after a temporary retreat from the battlefield.Still have risked their lives to repel the invaders, it does not necessarily earn a decent living after independence, was not easy for him to earn a salary of veterans' pensions.
The decree of the Ministry of Defence fighters earned honors in 1951 also does not make them instantly earns veteran pensions, only about the last 17 years he earned annuity for the fighters, and even then through a convoluted process of a very long and costly. Even the farm was sold to administer the fund.
It should now Sidik earn a pension of Rp950 thousand per month, but because they have outstanding debt, which he ultimately obtained only approximately Rp250 thousand per month.
Amid soaring prices of basic needs at this time, and his wife Sidik Karsanah must downsize in order to sufficient funds for living expenses for a month.
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