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Special Police Force

Brimob first formed under the name " Special Police Force " . This unity was initially given the task to disarm the Japanese army , to protect the head of state , and defend the capital . Brimob also fought in the battle of 10 November 1945 in Surabaya . Under the leadership of Superintendent I Moehammad Jasin , the Special Police Forces pioneered the outbreak of 10 November battle against Allied Mobile Brigade is the first unit in Indonesia, during the Japanese occupation known as Brimob Tokubetsu Keisatsutai . This forces the first time received the first award from the President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir . Namely Soekarno Sakanti YanoUtamaSwitch to MobrigOn 14 November 1946 the Prime Minister Sutan Sjahrir form a Mobile Brigade ( Mobrig ) instead of the Special Police Force . This date is defined as the anniversary of the Corps Blue Berets . Sjahrir Mobrig establishment is intended as a political device to face political pressure from the army and as a protector against the coup involving military units . The corps later on became a bone of contention between the police and the military .Dealing with separatist movementsOn August 1, 1947 , military units Mobrig made ​​. In this capacity , Mobrig mwenghadapi involved in the turmoil in the country . In 1948 , under the leadership of Superintendent Moehammad Jasin and II Priest Bachri with troops managed to quell the offender Madiun Madiun and Blitar in the South in Operation Trident . Mobrig also deployed in dealing with separatist movements DI / TII in West Java led by SM Kartosuwiryo and in South Sulawesi and Aceh led by Kahar Muzakar and David Beureueh . In the early 1950s Army troops Ratu Adil ( APRA ) led by Captain Raymond Westerling stormed the city of Bandung . For them, the four companies Mobrig sent to put it down .Mobrig with TNI forces also deployed in April 1950 when Andi Azis declared a rebel and his family in South Sulawesi . Then when Dr . Soumokil proclaimed the establishment of the RMS on 23 April 1950 , the companies re- assigned fighter Mobrig annihilated .In 1953 , Mobrig also deployed in South Kalimantan to quell a popular uprising led by Ibn Hajar . When the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia ( PRRI ) was announced on February 15, 1958 by Syfruddin Prawiranegara as characters , the central government held a Decisive Operations , Operations and Operations Saptamarga August 17 by deploying Mobrig and forces through the other fighter . Battalion Mobrig with TNI troops overcame correction PRRI movement in North Sumatra , West Sumatra , East Sumatra , Riau and Bengkulu .In the Mena operation on March 11, 1958 several companies Mobrig fighter to attack the strongholds Permesta in Central Sulawesi and Maluku .Renamed Brimob
Brimob - Motorized Unit interceptorOn 14 November 1961 in conjunction with the receipt Pataka Nugraha Sakanti Main Yana , unit Mobrig turn into Corps Brigade ( Brimob Corps ) .Brimob has been involved in several important events such as the confrontation with Malaysia in 1963 and the annexation of East Timor in 1975 . Brimob to the present strength of approximately 30,000 personnel , placed under the authority of the Police of the respective provinces .In 1981 the Mobile Brigade formed a new unit called the sub unit Tamer Explosives ( Jihandak ) .Since 1992 the Mobile Brigade was essentially a military organization of trained and organized in military units . Brimob has a strength of about 12,000 personnel . The brigade main function is as an elite corps to cope with emergency situations , which helps regional police task and handle crimes with a high level of intensity that the use of firearms and explosives in operations requiring rapid action . They are deployed in defense and domestic security operations , and has been equipped with anti-riot gear special . They have been specially trained to deal with mass demonstrations . Since the riots that occurred in May 1998 , Army Anti Huru - Hara ( PHH ) has now received training riot khusus.Dan continuous reform implementation in the field of materials Huru - Hara Forces ( PHH ) .Some elements of Brimob has been trained to conduct airborne operations . And also now have done pelatiahan SAR ( Search and Rescue )Brimob in the eventLanding in West IrianBrimob Corps Regimental Combat Team mempesiapkan number ( RTP ) on the islands of Maluku province closest to West Irian in response to the order of President Sukarno for West Irian from the Dutch . Bung Karno command was known as the Tri Komando Rakyat ( Trikora ) . In these operations Brimob Corps joined the Mandala Command head Major General Suharto . A paramilitary police team led Hudaya Sumarya successfully landed in Fak - Fak West Irian using a speedboat . Of Fak - Fak was stabbed troops into the interior of West Irian to hoist the flag was . At the time though Yudha before landing in Papua , Brimob had entered into the list of operating units to the Dragon , but then canceled due to the limited quality of the chute when it was owned by members of Brimob . Operation Dragon finally done by Special Forces under the command of Gen. ( ret ) Benny Murdani which later awarded the Milky Stars of President Soekarno .Events G - 30 - SIn the days after the G - 30 - S , Brimob remain neutral . This puzzled many, since September 1965 the Mobile Brigade is an element that is very close to the Americans . Because of this attitude , most observers regard as Brimob elements loyal to President Sukarno .East TimorOn the liberation of East Timor in 1975 to form the Mobile Brigade special detachment to join the Operation Lotus , affiliated with other military forces . This particular Detesemen named Detachment ( Detachment ) Alap - alap . Alap - alap Detachment personnel consists of ex- members Menpor ( Pioneer Regiment ) . Pioneer Regiment is a special unit Brimob , Ranger qualified . The regiment was disbanded in 1974 after participating in existence in some combat operations , including the operations in West Irian and TRIKORA Dwikora or Crush Malaysia .Detachment Alap - alap served as auxiliaries (supporting ) to strengthen the position taken by the Special Forces troops spearhead . Alap - alap Detachment is divided into small teams that are a combined team of army / police .Binjai eventsSince the police were separated from the Indonesian Armed Forces , the event clashes between police and military ( especially the army ) are common . The event clashed army and police in this case is the Brimob Binjai events on September 30, 2002 . The incident involving the Airborne infantry unit 100/Prajurit Faithful to North Sumatra Police Mobile Brigade Corps equally headquartered in Binjai . Many feel TNI - Police clashed incident is a manifestation of political parties provoke foreign undertaken to weaken the unity and integrity of governance institutions RI . Seeing that , Mr. Soetanto General of Police has proposed the possibility of reunification of the military and police academy matriculation . This is expected to increase brotherhood and kohesifnes than withdraw armed elements Homeland assets .In the morning the first incident triggered only by a small commotion among individual soldiers 100/PS Airborne unit with Langkat Police officers union . But then , incidents broke into a weapon clash between the Police Mobile Brigade against Airborne Langkat plus 100/PS .pioneerThe main advantage to form special forces during the conflict is able troop directly tested in actual battle . The Rangers Brimob troops undergo a test mission in the region Cibeber , Ciawi and Cikatomas border - Garut Tasikmalaya in West Java in 1959 . In this assignment they often face an ambush by hordes of DI / TII in bulk . Anti- guerrilla fighting techniques tested in this test mission . However, in this test mission Rangers finally there are also members who are not mentally prepared to fight , and they finally had to get out of the army .Formal assignment of military operations Brimob Rangers were in the Movement IV Military Operations in the South Sumatra , West Sumatra and North Sumatra . In this fourth GOM Brimob Rangers became part of Bangka - Belitung Infantry Battalion Lieutenant Colonel ( Infantry ) Dani Effendi . Assignment to Sumatra in the direct supervision of Lieutenant General Ahmad Yani . Rangers have a special task force captured the remnants of which are still PRRI guerrilla forces in the forests of Sumatra led by Major Malik .The Rangers Brimob troops later changed its name to Pioneer in 1961 during the Sukarno Djoyonegoro Police . This is in accordance with the wishes of President Sukarno, who wants Indonesian names for units of the army / police . At this time also , Rangers / Pioneer received weapons become their trade mark , namely the AR - 15 . The next assignment of this army is to infiltrate the West Irian / Papua in order to be part of the Triple Command Command . The troops landed in Fak -Fak in May 1962 and is engaged in a battle with the Dutch Army . The troops were also involved in the confrontation with Malaysia in 1964 . During this period - Rangers Indonesian Brimob troops dealing with elite units of the British SAS .In 1972 the army was formally disbanded due to changes in government policy at that time the name of the army at that time was a Pioneer Regiment ( Menpor ) with headquarters in Kelapa Dua Cimanggis . At the time of preparation for Operation Lotus in 1975, it mobilized troops and special forces entered in the Special Detachment Alap - alap . However , because most of the members of the Detachment Menpor incoming Alap - alap has served as the general police and never again practice as a commando , the commando instincts they are much reduced . As a result many members Menpor who died in battle in East Timor when Operation Lotus . Unfortunately at this time that these forces are remembered, so that the glory of their moment against the DI / TII and PRRI - Permesta , and infiltration into Papua and Malaysia seemed to disappear altogether . Therefore , Brimob Ranger / Pioneer Regiment oblivion of history as the Indonesian military . In one of the former Pioneer Regiment Commander is a popular police chief : the late Gen. ( Pol ) Anton Soedjarwo .bomb squadThe main article for this section are : bomb squad
Brimob bomb squad personnel Steyr AUG assault guns in CQB combat training .Bomb squad is part of the Indonesian National Police ( INP ) . This forces began there in 1976 , although when it was new in the form of detachment . New in 1995 , with the expansion of Brimob validation that this unity should have a regiment , a detachment of the bomb squad and upgraded its own regiment , the Regiment II Brimob are now changing the name of Sun I bomb squad ( 2003 ) . Bomb squad there are three main tasks : to overcome terror , SAR and jihandak ( taming explosives ) .In general , almost all members of the bomb squad is able to carry out three main tasks . However , the higher special abilities only possessed by certain people . Does not have a bomb squad Battalion or Company . Unity smaller detachment of the regiment is . After the Support sub-detachment and is the smallest unit . The unit usually consists of 10 people . Support sub-detachment of the 40 people , and a detachment consisting of 280 's of people .The operation is usually performed by one unit . Therefore, one of ten personnel in the unit , there should be six people who have special abilities . Each: two people have special abilities in the field of higher jihandak , two people in the field of SAR and two more terror experts . The two men called the operator and two operator . The other supports .For example, for terror : the operator must have a sniper marksmanship , must have negotiation skills , expert in the raid and arrests . But all is not to shut down . Because each operation is the first bomb squad attempted to arrest the suspect and bring him to trial . Except in urgent situations , life-threatening man who terrorized , then had no shooting . As for SAR , are required to have basic skills such as diving , repling , jumping , shooting , also P3K .Similarly , jihandak operator must have special expertise in the field . Every member of the bomb squad in general had been introduced to the bomb . There are certain procedures to handle each different type of bomb , including the time required . To members of the bomb squad the bomb types and ways to tame it , including the risks , are described .New bomb squad has three tactical vehicles EOD ( Explosive Ordinance disposal ) which is complete with tools and equipment . When it should be , every unit has a tactical vehicle . In addition to the bomb squad , EOD vehicles each one unit in the West Java Police , Central Java , and East Java . So in Indonesia there are only six units .With the decline of U.S. prestige in the world , the U.S. government sought to mobilize political support from various Asian countries . One way the United States is seeking support to Indonesia with increased anti-terror cooperation between the two sides . Can be seen in the period 2003-2008 , techniques and tactics of Detachment - 88 is similar to the techniques and tactics of the FBI HRT ( Hostage Rescue Team ) In addition, the equipment that is used by Detachment - 88 is also the same as the FBI troops . Examples of the same equipment is AR - 15 assault rifle with an optical sight M - 68 and kolapsible stock ( type CQB ) Ladder entry techniques , kevlar helmet etc. . Until now Detachment - 88 concentrated on the pursuit and arrest of terrorists capable fighter relatively low , while the special battle as aircraft hijacking and hostage liberation of the president is still handled by the TNI . As for the topic of combating terrorism in Indonesia has become one of the hot topic in Trunojoyo Cilangkap III and the division of labor in the implementation of counter -terror . Police did have a mandate to memerangin terror laws in the country , but many people feel the police have not been able to operate independently to combat terror without the help of outside elements ( FBI and Australian Federal Police ) so that the observers felt much better when joining the military police rather than accept help from outsiders . Meanwhile observers also feel that outsiders do " quota " in terms of shared knowledge to Detachment - 88 , one was rejected cntoh program development sniper / sharpshooter Brimob by the FBI headquarters in Washington DC on the grounds that science can remotely snipers be applied as a violator of human rights ( opressive force )The high command every bomb squad operating directly under the Chief of Police that carried out by the Chief of Police Asop .Sat Brimob Regional

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